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Helping you feel good in your body through
all of life's evolutions.

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bethany kate wellness


I’m a massage therapist, yoga instructor, birth doula, plant enthusiast, and recovering perfectionist living and working in Central CT. I geek out on anatomy and I am regularly awed by all that the human body can do and be, which is why massage, yoga, and birth work are the perfect worlds for me to live in! Whether I am working with you as your massage therapist, yoga instructor, or birth doula my number one goal is for you to feel good IN your body while making informed decisions ABOUT your body. 

Hi, I'm Bethany!

Your very own wellness and self-care cheerleader

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Massage Offerings

Regular massage can make living in your body more comfortable whether you are pregnant, recovering from surgery, or feeling the stressors of everyday life creeping into your shoulders, jaw, and low back. Every massage session is carefully designed and catered to your body’s needs that day. Pregnancy massages are performed with a specialized system allowing you to lay face down on the massage table.

Yoga Offerings

My 13 years of experience teaching yoga, combined with my expertise in Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and Anatomy & Physiology allow me to create experiences that are customized to your body and goals. Join me for weekly classes and workshops in Central CT, book a private lesson, or register for a teacher training!

Doula/Perinatal Services

Your birth can and should be a beautiful experience! I provide birth doula services that are empowering, educational, and compassionate. While I believe that 9 times out of 10, birth is a normal, natural, physiological process that we do not need to intervene in, I also believe in the power of modern interventions when used appropriately. Birth packages range from basic birth support to packages including Prenatal reiki and massage.

Self Care is Simple Here

We should work together if...

  • You want to feel empowered and
    at ease in your body

  • You are recovering from surgery and want a more comfortable post-operative period

  • You are pregnant and seeking to ease prenatal aches and pains

  • You are pregnant and want an empowered and autonomous birth experience

  • You are an athlete wanting to perform at your peak and/or recover from intense workouts and training sessions

  • The stress of a life transition is manifesting
    in your physical body

  • You are a new parent looking for space in your schedule for comfort and relaxation

  • You are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and want to receive massage or birth support in a space where you are safe and celebrated


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